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Find the Magic
in the hidden heights of Transylvania.

Carpathia Magic has been creating unique and enriching personalised accommodation experiences for guests to enjoy. What started out as a personal journey, has grown into a transformative retreat that aims to enrich lives. We offer tailored retreats to address our guest's special requests and every interest, so let us know what you need and we’ll help guide you in the right direction.


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168D, Peștera, Bran, Braşov, 507136, Romania


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Guest Testimonials

Our reviews say it all!

♡ The beauty of nature surrounding the house was simply astonishing!♡ The warm hospitality and welcoming demeanor of the hosts.♡ The peaceful and tranquil environment, perfect for relaxation and enjoyment of the beautiful scenery.♡ The modern and well-appointed room with attention to detail.


 ♡ A delightful place with exceptional views, both of the Piatra Craiului ridges, at the foot of which it is located, and of the majestic Bucegi massif.

 ♡ Very picturesque and comfortable villa, with new, high-quality finishes and beautiful furniture with unique pieces.

♡Warm, welcoming and attentive hosts.

♡A place we want to return to.

What a magical stay we had at Carpathia Magic!

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